What is new this year?

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  • Prof Amy Beth Stanley has joined the teaching team and will be in charge of sōrōbun. The fact that a historian trained in archival work on komonjo and with extensive reading experience has joined our team further ensures the high quality of the teaching.


  • Special session on writing kuzushiji with the London-based calligraphy master Yukiko Ayres. You will learn how to write those kuzushiji that are at the root of what we know as hentaigana. The session is designed to enhance understanding on how to use a specific dictionary (Kuzushiji kaidoku jiten, Tōkyōdō shoten) which is essential when decoding Edo-period texts.


  • Keynote lecture by Dr Ellis Tinios (Saturday 8 August 2015, 15.30-17.00): ‘Adventures in Bibliography:exploring Edo-period book histories’.


  •  We have decided to keep the variety of materials covered but to focus their contents on one specific theme. The theme for the 2015 Graduate Summer School is: ‘Inside and outside Yoshiwara’.


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