Special project 2019




For this year special project we will work on a quirky book entitled 風流狸の遊, illustrated by Utagawa Yoshitoyo 歌川芳豊 (1830-66). It is part of the Ebi bunko, accessible in digital format on the ARC古典籍ポータルデータベース.

For the group work, please refer to the images on Dropbox. (You can also access the images on the ARC database)

Please find Summer school 2019 special project groups. The number of the group in the spreadsheet matches with the number added to the file name for each image (e.g.: gtoup 1 = Ebi0448_3 G1).


Each group is required to:

– Produce a diplomatic transcription (honkoku 翻刻) of the double-page spread assigned. Please follow the rules for translation that you have learnt during the summer school.

– Produce an annotated English translation of the double-page spread assigned


The 監督 of the project is Keiko Brand. Please check with her your transcriptions before submission.

Please submit your work in both PDF and Word to lm571@cam.ac.uk by Friday 16 August, 9am. On Saturday 17 August (afternoon) each group will present their work.