Summer School 2017

Welcome to the Fourth Graduate Summer School in Japanese Early-modern Palaeography, which will run from Monday 7 August to Saturday 19 August 2017 at the University of Cambridge, Emmanuel College (Cambridge, UK).

This Summer School teaches the palaeographic skills that are necessary to decode Japanese early-modern hand-written and printed materials. In the seventy-two hours of tuition that we offer, we devote roughly the same amount of hours to the three linguistic/palaeographic areas of wabun in cursive (kuzushiji and hentaigana), kanbun kundoku and kanbun kundoku tai in non-cursive and sōrōbun in cursive. Teaching is delivered by: Dr Laura Moretti (in charged of hentaigana/kuzushiji and sōrōbun); Prof Yamabe Susumu (in charge of kanbun kundoku and kanbun kundoku tai); Master Yukiko Ayres (for the sessions that look at the calligraphic choices made in writing early-modern kana and kanji).

This year highlights include: 1) one lecture on palaeography as a field of research delivered by Prof Paul Russell; 2) one lecture on ‘From Print to Manuscript’ by Dr Ellis Tinios; 3) group projects aimed at publishing online transcriptions and translations of selected early-modern materials hosted by the Cambridge University Library.

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Preparatory materials 1: Learn hentaigana – first steps