Highlights of 2017

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The strengths and the value of the programme

as seen by the participants:


“dynamic and energetic teaching”

“Catering for different levels”

“Group work and special projects. It is a great opportunity to cooperate with people and to learn wonderful things”

“Great teachers. Made me feel excited and even more interested in what I do!

“Very good and detailed explanations, including useful tips for memorizing kuzushiji and kaeriten”

” Varied formats of classes: individual work, group work, games, special projects, calligraphy”

“Every day was a new topic, new theme and materials”

“The program was WONDERFUL because even though every participant had a different level, we were all able to work & learn together”

“The library visit was really good. It made the documents feel more real and reading them more concrete”


“It was fun to the point that I’m genuinely sad it is over! The group was amazing and inspiring, and I appreciated how everyone’s needs were respected and addressed throughout.”

“This course has been full of learning occasions and engaging intellectual challenges, but also with a sense of warmth, kindness and humanity.”

“This was a wonderful course. I learned so much in such a condensed period of time and gained the confidence and skills to start tackling some of the crucial documents for my research. This course was the best thing I could have done this summer for my dissertation. So thank you very much!”


*based on the anonymous evaluation questionnaires that we run at the end of the programme.